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Financial Planning

The fact that you are reading this suggests that you have interest in what this process can do for you.

  • Do you wonder if you will have enough income to live comfortably when you retire? 
  • Are you concerned that your children or grandchildren will not be able to afford to attend college? 
  • Are you concerned that you will not be able to pay for long term care? 
  • Are you concerned that your family will not have enough income if you die or they will have to pay too much in taxes at your death? 
These are real concerns, shared by many of our clients.

The difference is that our clients know the answers to these questions. By sharing their concerns and providing us with their financial details our Team can prepare detailed analysis that will help guide you to your answers. We do this using prepared financial planning software called WealthVision. This program allows us to consider all aspects of a financial plan including income tax strategies and we update the plan on a daily basis, including assets held at other firms. You will always know where you stand in total and along with our periodic reviews; we keep you on track to pursue your personalized set of goals. Life may throw unexpected changes at you, but what won't change is our commitment to helping you pursue your goals.

After taking into account your specific goals, we develop a customized financial strategy and plan. This plan is designed with the goal of advancing your investments when opportunities are found and preserving these investments when the environment requires caution. Our clients tell us they have "confidence because of the plan," and that is exactly what we strive to offer each and every client we serve.
Comprehensive financial planning services are included as part of our wrap fee services; meaning you do not pay additional fees for this service. In addition, we offer hourly consulting services for those who might want to utilize our experience and guidance for a specific and targeted financial goal.

WealthVision, financial planning software, allows our Financial Advisors and clients to consolidate financial and lifestyle information for the purpose of tracking progress against goals. WealthVision and our planning process allows us to strike the right balance between addressing your specific issues while never losing sight of the big picture. With WealthVision, we bring order and focus to your financial life.



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